SEAC reaffirm Digital Skills 4.0 as a Critical Future Skillset for the Disruption Era Partnering with Simplilearn, the Global Digital Training Provider, to offer Thais Opportunities to Reskill and Upskill

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SEAC (Southeast Asia Center), ASEAN’s most innovative and dedicated Lifelong Learning Center, iterates its foundation that “learning is an infinite and lifelong process” under  the concept of “Lifelong Learning” by extending its vision to enhance capabilities of people through Reskilling and Upskilling to yield fruitful results contributed to longevity in life achievements. With its partnership with Simplilearn, world’s leading certification training and content provider for Digital Skill 4.0, SEAC can now offer a wide variety of digital skill courses matching with today’s business landscape in the Disruption Age including, but not limited to, DevOps, Lean Six Sigma, Digital Marketing, Advanced SEO, Advanced Digital Marketing, Advanced Social Media, Agile Scrum Master, Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark & Scala, Data Science and Analytics, Data Hadoop, Machine Learning, Power BI, and many more through YourNextU learning model, Live Virtual Session classrooms, as well as Customised Solutions for each and every company who wish to stay relevant.

            Mrs. Arinya Talerngsri, Chief Capability Officer & Managing Director of SEAC (Southeast Asia Center), says “With an estimated market value of 16 billion USD, Thailand is the second largest digital economy landscape in Southeast Asia following Indonesia. A transformation to  the age of digital economy in Thailand and a strong growth potential in digital economy is regarded as a gigantic turning point for business enterprises and now is the high time for them to initiate and execute digital transformation. Moreover, as technology now plays critical roles in business and everyday life, it’s vital that we need to embrace digital transformation which cover topics like digital literacy as well as up-to-date digital skills to improve productivity, effectiveness and business achievements. Our partnership with Simplilearn accelerates people to reskill and organisations to succeed in leveraging digital solutions with the world’s leading certification training and digital content provider for business skill 4.0.”

          “Digital is not only about building a website or an application, it involves life and business along with the entire company. Today it is the same as business transformation so we need to embrace it. Disrupt ourselves before being disrupted.” quoted Mr. Jaspreet Bindra, Founder of Digital Matters, a renowned advisory firm in the areas of Digital Transformation, Blockchain and the Future of Work. Mr. Bindra has well-proven experiences on strategically and tactfully transform business enterprises by utilising advanced innovations and technologies to keep businesses afloat in Disruption Age. He explains “It is true that businesses cannot transform themselves without reliance on cutting-edge innovations or technologies, but it must be noted that digital transformation is not just about technology advancement, rather it covers many areas particularly The Holy Trinity of digital transformation – business model, customer experience and people & culture – that must support one another. Firstly, embrace new business models and experiment with new technologies. Executives must understand current trends, insights, needs, and lifestyles of their customers to select the right technology in execution. For instance, platform-based business models are growing fast as young-gen consumers are adopting the concept of sharing economy since they prefer to cut down excess capacity from their economic activities. To maximise efficiency, they prefer to rent instead of own as they seek pleasure from gaining experiences rather than pleasure from long-term ownership. Secondly, executives must understand that Customer Experience is the main differentiator. They need to plan their offline and online strategies in accordance with customer journey, and they should understand that a boundary between offline and online world is now being blurred out as consumers nowadays move offline and online seamlessly. Finally and most importantly, People and Culture are the single most important enabler, and inhibitor, for digital transformation. Success digital transformation may depend on various variables but, unsuccessful ones fail for only reason which is its people and culture. Lack of proper strategies and planning may lead to changes only in workflows which yield no significant benefits to businesses. Cultivation on essential digital skills as well as Digital Mindset—a “Fail Fast and Fail Forward” axiom plus an adaptive mindset to constantly evolve with changes and to honestly face errors if things or ideas do not go well as planned—must be prioritised. In other words, the entire organisation needs to be upskilled and reskilled with digital skills along with agile thinking”

          Ranked by LinkedIn as one of 10 most influential educational brands, Simplilearn is the world’s leading certification training and content provider for Digital Skills 4.0. Its goal is to support business firms in the age of Digital Disruption through in-depth, most innovative digital transformation courses aiming for both reskilling and upskilling for individuals. Simplilearn has been active in the field for more than a decade and it can be accessed by users in more than 150 countries globally. It also employs more than five million certified experts and 1,000 industrial-level instructors.

“Our partnership with Simplilearn is grounded on a mutual intention to make world-class future skills readily accessible and affordable for Thais. Together, we will present Simplilearn courses in three channels: 1. Online Classes on YourNextU learning model, 2. Labs/Live Virtual Sessions by Simplilearn experts with Thai subtitles, and 3. Customised Solutions for each business with different needs. As Disruption Era is looming in, we emphasise that Thais must be equipped with Digital Skills 4.0 and they must reskill and upskill today to stay relevant,” concludes Mrs. Arinya.



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