Norwegian Seafood Council joins hands with Thammachart Seafood Retail to launch ‘Seafood from Norway’ country-of-origin logo

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Bangkok, 20 April 2018 – Norway was built on its seafood industry, with solid traditions of craftsmanship and care for nature. The cold, clear, and incredibly clean waters of the Norwegian Sea have gifted Norway with the perfect conditions to produce the finest Atlantic seafood. Today, Norwegian Seafood Council, the representative of world’s number one salmon exporter, in partnership with Thammachart Seafood Retail Co., Ltd., introduces ‘Seafood from Norway’ country-of-origin logo, a trademark of superior quality, at ‘The Incredible Flavours of Norway’ retail campaign launch.

Norwegian Seafood Council or NSC works together with the Norwegian fisheries and aquaculture industry to develop markets for Norwegian seafood. In Thailand, Thammachart Seafood Retail Co., Ltd. has been trusted with NSC’s trademark of “Seafood from Norway” as a symbol of origin and quality for all Norwegian seafood, farmed or wild caught in the cold and clear waters, and in particular: salmon.

“Nobody knows salmon like the Norwegians do”, said Jon Erik Steenslid, Director South-East Asia, Norwegian Seafood Council, “Because Norway is a country with a long celebrated tradition of living as one with the ocean. The locals over generations have worked to preserve the ocean with the utmost care, and it is this culture that makes Norway truly a nation of seafood, and the second largest seafood exporter in the world.”

‘The Incredible Flavours of Norway’ retail campaign is bringing the freshest seafood from Norway to Bangkok. This exclusive Norwegian seafood event is a launch partnership with the Norwegian Seafood Council to introduce ‘Seafood from Norway’ country-of-origin logo. Thammachart Seafood Retail will be the first retailer in Thailand to use this logo.

Julian G. Davies, CEO, Thammachart Seafood Retail Co., Ltd., said, “Thammachart Seafood is run by seafood experts who personally visit fisheries and farm owners to select the highest quality products, and ensure fair trade to farmers. We pride ourselves in supplying the freshest seafood, and guarantee that all products sold are traceable to their places of origin. We believe that this ‘Seafood from Norway’ mark of origin will ensure our consumers of the quality products we deliver to every seafood-counter, fresh from Norway.”

The launch of ‘The Incredible Flavours of Norway’ at Siam Paragon’s Gourmet Market hosted an opening show with a Norwegian Cod, flown straight in from Norway. The event was honored by the presence of H.E. Norwegian Ambassador to Thailand joining hands with an Ambassador Chef to cook traditional Norwegian dishes. The campaign, dedicated to all salmon connoisseurs and those with a refined palette for premium quality seafood, is running promotional sales for various Norwegian seafood products, including the greatly sought after Norwegian Aurora Salmon from 12-25 April 2018 at Gourmet Market in Siam Paragon.

The first 20 customers to spend over THB 1,000 on any day of the campaign period will receive a free sashimi set (valued at THB 299). Alternatively, the exclusive ‘Aurora Salmon’ or ‘Fjord Trout’ cushions are also available to customers who spend over THB 3,000.

“Gourmet Market strives to become a leading World Class Gourmet Destination. ‘The Incredible Flavours of Norway’ campaign hosted by Norwegian Seafood Council and Thammachart Seafood Retail has indeed showcased our partners’ commitment in delivering the best seafood for our customers,” Boonchai Pluemsuebkul, Group General Manager Procurement Group, The Mall Group, concluded.


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